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Fleetwood Mac Auction Last Weekend

05 Dec 2022

Last weekend, Julien's Auctions held an auction celebrating three members of the iconic band Fleetwood Mac, that included the personal items of John McVie, Christine McVie and Mick Fleetwood. 
Following the sad passing of Christine McVie, it was poignant to see amongst the items for sale her stage pianos and costumes, including the dress she wore on the Rumours album cover, with which she created such memorable performances.
Notable items for auction included iconic instruments played by the band such as John McVie's custom fingerboard electric bass guitar, Mick Fleetwood's drums, as well as an impressive selection of awards, posters and memorabilia.
Surprisingly, the highest ticket item for the auction were the two wooden balls worn by Mick Fleetwood as part of his attire for the album cover of Rumours that were sold for $130,000. 

Mick Fleetwood talks about the wooden balls and more in Love That Burns: A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac, Volume One: 1967-1974, the balls were originally lavatory chains snatched from a club Fleetwood Mac played during their early years and incorporated to his stage attire in a ribald nod to the blues tradition.
Love That Burns presents an original manuscript by Mick Fleetwood recounting his childhood, early bands, Fleetwood Mac's debut performance, first international tours, live gig antics, playing with blues legends at Chess Studios, the genius of Peter Green and the many talented members that formed Fleetwood Mac in the years before 1975.
Featuring text contributions by Peter Green, Christine McVie, John McVie, Jeremy Spencer, John Mayall, Mike Vernon, Sandra (Vigon) Elsdon and Jenny Boyd, Love That Burns is narrated by Fleetwood in more than 20,000 words. Every hand bound book is individually signed by the author, Mick Fleetwood. Handcrafted in Milan, Italy, the limited edition is quarter bound in leather with foil blocking, yellow sprayed page edging and a padded cover featuring the Fleetwood Mac artwork of Sixties graphic artist, Günther Kieser.
Included is an exclusive 7" vinyl picture disc includes 'Love That Burns' from the 1968 album Mr Wonderful, and a rare instrumental track recorded in June 1967, entitled 'Fleetwood Mac', from which the band took its name.

Love That Burns A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac, Volume One: 19671974

Love That Burns

Mick Fleetwood


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