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Fifty Years On, Fans Flock to Jim Morrison's Grave To Pay Tribute

05 Jul 2021

July 3rd marked 50 years since the death of Jim Morrison, who left behind a legacy as a poet, writer, singer-songwriter and frontman to The Doors. The anniversary saw fans gather at the late singer's grave to light candles, leave photographs and letters, and burn incense sticks.

Morrison relocated to Paris, France in 1971, following the completion of The Doors' final album, L.A. Woman, with the aim of distancing himself from his previous lifestyle. Just months later, on 3rd July 1971, he died from apparent heart failure at age 27, while living in the city with his long-term girlfriend Pamela Courson.

He was buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery, located within the 20th arrondissement, alongside legendary artists such as Édith Piaf, Frédéric Chopin and fellow poet, Oscar Wilde. Fans arrived at the cemetery early on Saturday to pay their respects, while others who could not attend did so online. One fan described The Doors' frontman as "one of the most dynamic and legendary rock stars to walk the earth," while another said Morrison "opened my mind to what music and lyrics could do." Other fans shared their favourite lyrics penned by Morrison.

The cemetery has become a destination for any fans that pass through the city, often visiting the graveyard to leave flowers.

Jim Morrison's words and poetry are the subject of Genesis' latest upcoming release, A Guide to the Labyrinth, which presents more than 600 pages of poetry, lyrics, essays and ideas, both typeset and in Morrison's own handwriting throughout.

Made alongside the Estate of Jim Morrison, Genesis was granted unlimited access to Jim Morrison's archives, including 28 of his personal notebooks, to curate the definitive survey of Morrison's work. Exclusive text contributions have also been amassed from those who knew Jim or have been inspired by him. The book's list of nearly 30 contributors includes Jim's Doors bandmates John Densmore and Robby Krieger, musicians Alice Cooper, Perry Farrell, Billy Gibbons, Ian McCulloch, Iggy Pop, Carlos Santana, Grace Slick, and more.

To read more about A Guide to the Labyrinth, click here.

A Guide to the Labyrinth The Collected Works of Jim Morrison

A Guide to the Labyrinth

Jim Morrison


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