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Exclusive Rolling Stone Video Features Ringo Starr

14 Feb 2019

Ringo Starr features in Rolling Stone's latest episode of 'The First Time'. From recalling the moment he decided to be a drummer, to meeting John, Paul and George in Liverpool, the video highlights lots of 'first times' for the former Beatle.

Ringo reminisces about the first time he meditated with the Maharishi in India, in 1968. "He gave some lectures and then gave us a mantra that we could mediate on. That was the first time for me. And the last time I mediated was this morning. Peace and love!"

Watch the full video below.

Many of these moments and more are documented in Ringo's latest publication, Another Day In The Life. Combining photography with original commentary, the edition offers a glimpse into Ringo's creative, meditative and entertaining life as a legendary musician.

Another Day In The Life

Another Day In The Life

Ringo Starr


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