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Eric Clapton's Latest Edition Receives Further Commendation

12 Feb 2019

At Genesis, we're thrilled that Eric Clapton's latest edition, Sunshine Of Your Love, has been so well received. From renowned Crossroads musicians, such as Sonny Landreth and John McLaughlin, who both independently praised the edition, to individual reviews from our valued subscribers. We have enjoyed reading each and every review so far and are happy to announce the latest commendations from Nudge and Planet Rock Magazine.

"Sunshine Of Your Love is a sumptuously produced and highly collectable labour of love dedicated to the Crossroads guitar festivals and the musicians who performed there," Nudge Magazine wrote, "a highly informative and entertaining account of the festivals".

Planet Rock described the edition as the "official document of Slowhand's Crossroads Festivals 1999-2013."

"Sunshine Of Your Love is an absolute delight to both read and to simply flick through and enjoy... a more than fitting tribute to the renowned Crossroads festivals that inspired it".  - Nudge Magazine

It's great to see that Eric Clapton's latest edition is being enjoyed as much as we enjoyed putting the title together. With copies still available, click here for more information and to order yours.

Sunshine Of Your Love The Crossroads Festivals 1999-2013

Sunshine Of Your Love

Eric Clapton and Friends


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