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Clapton's Crossroads 2019 Festival Recordings Available Today

20 Nov 2020

An extraordinary collection of content from the Crossroads Guitar Festival 2019 has been released today. Available to order now, highlights from the festival are available to buy as a CD, LP and DVD. The collection includes some of the most memorable performances including 'Wonderful Tonight' with Eric Clapton and Andy Fairweather Low, 'Layla' with Eric Clapton and John Mayer, an incredible four performances from Jeff Beck and much more.

In 2019, Eric Clapton held the sixth Crossroads Guitar Festival. The festival attracts the world's greatest guitar players, and last year the festival brought them all to Dallas, Texas, for a two day event that raised funds for the Crossroads Center in Antigua, founded by Clapton in 1998.

Genesis have of course followed the guitar hero's iconic festival in Sunshine of Your Love. Through a wealth of stunning photographs and original commentary from world-renowned musicians, Sunshine of Your Love is Eric Clapton's official limited edition book and record set documenting the Crossroads Guitar Festivals, 1999-2013.

Last year, Genesis was lucky enough to present Clapton's Sunshine of Your Love at the festival. Specially for event-goers, Genesis created Crossroads Festival Copies that featured a complimentary Crossroads 2019 lithograph poster included with each signed, limited edition book and vinyl boxed set. We are delighted to extend the offer of the Festival Copies to our online subscribers, with a poster included in each order. A portion of the proceeds from every copy sold will go to the Crossroads Rehabilitation Center.
Sunshine Of Your Love The Crossroads Festivals 1999-2013

Sunshine Of Your Love

Eric Clapton and Friends


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