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Celebrating 50 Years of 'Stairway to Heaven'

05 Mar 2021

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin's first concert performance of 'Stairway to Heaven,' one of the most important musical compositions of modern times. The song was debuted on stage at Ulster Hall, Belfast, on 5th March 1971. In Jimmy Page: The Anthology, Page also recalls performing 'Stairway to Heaven' later that year in Los Angeles:

'When we played 'Stairway' at the Forum in Los Angeles on our 1971 US Tour, we got a standing ovation. That was notable because the album wasn't out, so they couldn't have heard the song before. So people had been moved by this piece of music and that was the intention. It was quite a moment.' - Jimmy Page

The writing, recording, and performance of 'Stairway to Heaven' is referenced in Jimmy Page's framed print edition, Double Neck Army.

'On the original recording I was so involved in creating the guitar parts for 'Stairway to Heaven' on the acoustic guitar and two electric 12-strings that I hadn't been thinking about how I was going to perform it all live. That's where the double neck - a 12-string and a six-string - came in. It wasn't the first one that Gibson had made, but it was soon to be the most iconic.' - Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page: The Anthology Portfolio presents six images from Jimmy Page's bestselling book (two are already fully subscribed, four are available to order) featuring Page's iconic guitars, costumes, and equipment. Every piece was photographed under his art direction and brought to life with in-depth commentary, placing it within the story of a phenomenal career.

Jimmy Page: The Anthology The Open Edition

Jimmy Page: The Anthology

Jimmy Page


Jimmy Page: The Anthology Portfolio Fine Art Print Series

Jimmy Page: The Anthology Portfolio

Jimmy Page


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