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Bob Dylan Reveals His Favourite New Music in Rare Interview

21 Dec 2022

In a new interview published in the Wall Street Journal, acclaimed singer-songwriter Bob Dylan sits down with Jeff Slate and reveals what he's been listening to, what happened over lockdown, and more. 
Dylan stated that, 'Performers and songwriters recommend things to me.' He went onto list a bunch of new artists that he considers himself a fan of, including: 'The Oasis Brothers, I like them both, Julian Casablancas, the Klaxons, Grace Potter.' 
'I've seen Metallica twice. I've made special efforts to see Jack White and Alex Turner. Zac Deputy, I've discovered him lately. He's a one man show like Ed Sheeran, but he sits down when he plays. I'm a fan of Royal Blood, Celeste, Rag and Bone Man, Wu-Tang, Eminem, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen.' He concluded, 'Anybody with a feeling for words and language, anybody whose vision parallels mine.' 
He also said that technology can 'Hamper creativity, or it can lend a helping hand and be an assistant. Creative power can be dammed up or forestalled by everyday life, ordinary life, life in the squirrel.' 
'Technology is like sorcery, it's a magic show, conjures up spirits, it's an extension of our body, like the wheel is an extension of our foot. But it might be the final nail driven into the coffin of civilization; we just don't know.' The interview can be read in full here.
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