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Andy Fairweather Low Releases New Album

02 Mar 2023

The musician's musician, Andy Fairweather Low is releasing his first solo album in 17 years, Flang Dang, on the 7th of April. Each song is written, produced and performed by Fairweather Low in the blues and gospel style that is his trademark. You can find out more about the album here.
'There are sort of a lot of soulful and gospel-tinged songs, mind you, there's a bit of blues, there's a bit of ska, there's a bit of country, there's a bit of everything. It's everything I've ever listened to.' - Andy Fairweather Low
Fairweather Low has been a constant collaborator with music greats such as Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Stevie Nicks, members of Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones, and frequently with Eric Clapton.
When speaking of performing together at the Crossroads Festivals, Eric Clapton stated, 'Andy Fairweather Low came on after Keith and Robbie Robertson, and it was like someone got a hammer and nail out and just fixed everything to the floor. We've been playing together on and off for the last thirty or forty years, we're like brothers.'

Having performed at many of the Crossroads Festivals with Eric Clapton, he is a contributor and signatory of the signed limited edition, Sunshine Of Your Love: The Crossroads Festivals 1999-2013, copies of which are still available at
Sunshine Of Your Love The Crossroads Festivals 1999-2013

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