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A New Video Release With Chrissie Hynde

07 Feb 2019

Genesis is pleased to present an exclusive video with Chrissie Hynde to accompany her signed, limited edition, Adding The Blue

Shot mostly in her studio, we see Chrissie surrounded by hundreds of stacked canvases showcasing a variety of different artistic styles, from portraits to vibrant abstract compositions. 

'I always thought I would get into painting, but I got waylaid by rock 'n' roll. Finally, I thought, "Now's the time." As soon as I could be alone and paint without any interruptions, I just couldn't stop.' - Chrissie Hynde

During the video, Chrissie talks us through how she approaches her painting, and how it has become an important part of her everyday life:

"You can't be on stage and playing a rock band every day of the year, you have to have something else to do".

The video also includes an exclusive teaser track from her upcoming album, Valve Bone Woe. To watch the video in full, or for more information on Chrissie's signed, limited edition, Adding The Blue, click here.

Adding The Blue

Adding The Blue

Chrissie Hynde


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