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'A masterpiece!' Your Reviews of Jeff Lynne's ELO

18 Dec 2018

We're thrilled that Jeff Lynne's new book and vinyl set, Wembley Or Bust, is receiving a wealth of praise.

"Excellent book, well pleased with it." - P. Wise, UK

"I just received my ELO Wembley Or Bust book, and I was stunned at how beautiful it was! It is the most beautiful book I have ever owned. Well worth the price tag. I shared photos of it to a large ELO fan group on Facebook and got many compliments... Kudos to you and everyone involved on a masterpiece!" - B. Wolkins, USA

"I have this book and it's fan-bloody-tastic! Incredible behind-the-scenes artwork and photos. The production value is exemplary. The best part is Jeff's personal comments about what this event meant to him and the backstory on all of the songs. It's like having him narrate the concert. Recommended!" - M. Campbell, USA

Thank you for all the reviews we've received so far. If you've received your copy of Jeff Lynne's Wembley Or Bust, we'd love to hear your thoughts on it too.

Wembley Or Bust captures one of the most successful artists, singer-songwriters and producers of all time during ELO's iconic Wembley performance in 2017. Limited to 1,500 numbered copies, click here for more details on this special edition.

Wembley Or Bust

Wembley Or Bust

Jeff Lynne


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