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65 Years Ago Today: The Quarrymen's First Cavern Club Performance

22 Jan 2023

Today marks the monumental 65th anniversary of The Quarrymen's first performance at the Cavern Club, Liverpool, with Paul McCartney. The venue rising to worldwide fame after The Beatles performed there regularly between 1961 and 1963.
Although no definitive documentation exists at the time, Mike McCartney reveals the story around these years in his book, Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool. With intimate photographs of the band rehearsing, McCartney presents moments like a smiling George Harrison, which McCartney remarks as being 'rare to see', as well as showing in photographs how his brother Paul got into music during the early days.
Early Liverpool also unveils the moment when The Beatles returned to the Cavern Club five years later as the Fab Four we know today, revealing moments like young John Lennon publicly wearing his glasses, which was uncommon to see at the time before he embraced the look later in life, as well as showing how the group would record their rehearsals on the McCartney's Grundig tape recorder so they could listen back and make changes.

In Mike McCartney's collection of photographic prints, exclusive to Genesis, he takes us behind the scenes with The Beatles and presents intimate portraits of Paul at the McCartney family home.

'Like The Beatles used to experiment with chords, lyrics and keys, I did the same with photography; I was always experimenting.' - Mike McCartney
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Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool

Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool

Mike McCartney


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