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250 years since the HMS Endeavour set sail and changed the world

22 Aug 2018

This Sunday, 26th August, marks 250 years since James Cook set sail from Plymouth in HMS Endeavour.

It was a journey that broadened the world's horizons, as the HMS Endeavour travelled further south than anyone in the world had ventured before.

The Genesis title, The Journal of Joseph Banks in the Endeavour 1768-1771, sets the scene and details the various findings and encounters, from the handwritten perspective of Sir Joseph Banks.

An English naturalist and botanist, Banks was also a patron of the natural sciences, and the sheer wealth of information that the crew of HMS Endeavour unearthed threw Banks into the limelight (among others) immediately upon their return.

This edition contains an exact copy of Bank's manuscript; which details the crew's expedition through Brazil, Tahiti, New Zealand and the east coast of Australia.

For more information on this edition, which is a reproduction of Joseph Bank's journal held in the Mitchell Library in Sydney, click here.

James Cook's Journal of HMS Resolution 1772-75

James Cook's Journal of HMS Resolution 1772-75

James Cook


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