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10 Years: RATM at Finsbury Park

08 Jun 2020

This weekend marked a decade since Rage Against the Machine played their legendary free concert at Finsbury Park. Tom Morello explained on Twitter:

"10 years ago today Rage Against The Machine performed a free 'Victory Concert' for 90,000 people in Finsbury Park, England to celebrate the successful 'people's campaign' that dethroned Simon Cowell's X Factor and put Killing In The Name at THE #1 SPOT ON UK XMAS CHART (17 yrs after its initial release),"

"The band donated 100% of sales from the single to UK homeless charities and the show may go down as the greatest in the band's history. So today i suspect it won't be hard to find a worthy target or two & tell 'em: #FuckYouIWontDoWhatYouTellMe," he wrote.

This iconic event along with the rest of Tom's phenomenal career is documented in his upcoming book Whatever It Takes coming out in October. Register your interest here.

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