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13 Mar 2024

Coming soon. Genesis Publications and The Doors are proud to announce the forthcoming publication of Night Divides The Day: The Doors Anthology

Ahead of the band's 60th anniversary in 2025, The Doors reveal the definitive account of their journey through their own words, archival imagery and historical material from the vault. Also taking part are a host of contributors who have either played a significant role in The Doors' story or have been inspired by the band and their enduring legacy.
Created with the full participation of Robby Krieger, John Densmore and the estates of Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek, Night Divides The Day will be published as an official signed and numbered limited edition book and vinyl record boxed set.
'We didn't sit down and have a meeting to say, 'Hey, we want to change the minds of people.' We didn't say it but we enjoyed doing it. We could see it happen, we could feel it in concerts, that sociologically, besides musically, it was affecting people. And what a high that is.' - John Densmore 
'I think the Doors have remained popular because of the amount of great songs. We never let a song on an album unless we all loved it.' - Robby Krieger

'We were reflecting on our own career as it was happening. It's not that we were trend-conscious, we were doing exactly what we would have been doing anyway, but it came at the right time.' - Jim Morrison

'We were just a bunch of psychedelic guys trying to spread the word and the feel of what it was like to be high in Venice back in the mid-sixties. And boy, was it a good feeling to watch that sun set into the middle of the ocean and feel that peace, and to feel at one with the universe.' - Ray Manzarek


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