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Faces, 1969-75

Ronnie Wood, Ian McLagan & Kenney Jones

The first book published by the band, Faces, 1969-1975, features original text by Ronnie, Mac and Kenney along with over 200 photographs documenting the chaotic intensity of the Facesí career: the incendiary live shows, the on-stage laughs and off-stage high-lives, the private jets, groupies, drink, drugs, clothes, haircuts and Holiday Inns.

Limited to 1975 copies worldwide, each copy is signed by Kenney Jones, Ian McLagan and Ronnie Wood.

ĎOne of Britainís greatest contributions to rockíníroll, the Facesí brand of pub swagger had the right combination of grit, charm, mischief, soul, style and wicked sense of humour, to make them one of the most iconic bands of all time.í from the Foreword by Slash
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The Photography

Faces, 1969-75

Hundreds of images have been compiled from the archives of renowned photographers all over the world - as well as the band's own personal collections.

'When you're enjoying yourself, time just goes by. We used to enjoy being together so much that days would go by.' Ronnie Wood

'We played hard and fast. It was a hell of a four-piece, and there were no rules. We were driving each other and the arrangements got more and more complex. There'd be changes of tempos in the middle of a song and things like that would keep you awake, and made the music much more interesting. We were better than any other band!' Ian McLagan

'I'd play a higher, special sort of sequence and then just fade out and walk off, leaving him to play his solo for about ten minutes. Then he'd do this little riff and I'd go running back on stage. We used to do it every night and one night I forgot. Suddenly I thought, 'He's doing the riff!' I ran on stage, slipped, went straight across the back of the drum riser and straight off the end.' Kenney Jones

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The Manuscript

Faces, 1969-75

'What made them truly world class was their range and uncanny ability to fuse British rock, Motown soul and American folk like no band before them' Brad Tolinski, from his introduction

'With Ronnie and Rod our music was not as tight; it became a bit more elasticated, there was more freedom. A lot of our stuff had the feeling of a jam, because we used to jam a lot when we first got together and, like many bands, that's where we'd find riffs.' Kenney Jones

'We wrote 'Stay With Me' backstage, before we went on. He said, 'Come up with a really great lick and I'll come up with the words' and we just had it going. Boom.' Ronnie Wood

'We were the sponsors of Holiday Inn and Marriott, and anywhere we could get banned from. We used to call them the Holiday Out. We used to check in as Fleetwood Mac; no hotel chain would have the Faces because of the damage and madness that went on... Half the audience would come back with us to the hotel. We would party with whoever was there and they'd all end up staying with us. The pilots would be thrown in the pool.' Ronnie Wood

'Not only would we play, we'd also get out and talk to the audience. We gave the impression, which was true, that they could come on stage at any time with us and we could jump off stage and be with them. So when we played a gig it was like a giant party; there was a great atmosphere.' Kenny Jones

'When we started to play gigs in England, before we went to America, it was like pulling teeth, nobody really focused on us. Of course, once we'd made it in America and we got back to England we were a big name. It happened there first.' Kenney Jones
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The Authors

Faces, 1969-75

The Faces blended some of the most talented musicians of the era to create a swaggering, funk-filled, blues-rock that was sublime on record and incomparable live.

'As a kid coming up listening to rock 'n' roll, no band better exemplified 'Party Band' like the Faces, and no band has since.' Slash, from his foreword

Faces 1969-75 is the first book ever published by the band and features original text by Ronnie Wood, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones. The book also includes Forewords by Paul Weller, Slash, Mick Hucknall and Glen Matlock, an afterword by Paul Westerberg and is introduced by Guitar World editor, Brad Tolinski.

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The Limited Edition

Faces, 1969-75

To celebrate the Faces' Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, the band present their edition in a commemorative solander box. The cloth-bound archival case ensures your copy remains perfect for decades to come.

Every aspect of the book's design and contents have been selected and approved by the band members, down to Ronnie Wood's choice of binding materials and colour scheme. To seal this approval, each numbered book is individually signed by Kenney Jones, Ian McLagan and Ronnie Wood.

'To see the Faces given a lavish picture-book treatment by Genesis seems only just, if long overdue... Brilliantly evocative.' Classic Rock magazine

Printed onto heavyweight art paper in Milan, Italy, Faces 1969-75 is traditionally hand-bound in red goatskin leather. The binding is quarter leather onto purple cloth covers, with gold foil blocking and page edging. Accompanying the book in it's solander box is an artwork extracted from the poster originally included with their second album from 1971, A Nod Is As Good As A Wink...

'The book is absolutely beautiful. We look forward to your next treasure.' D. Calvo, Subscriber, USA


Faces, 1969-75

Go behind the scenes with The Faces and their new limited edition book.

Faces, 1969-75

Select from the following editions:

Faces, 1969-75

Faces, 1969-75

  • ISBN:
  • Collector:
    1625 copies
  • Signed by:
    Kenney Jones, Ian McLagan and Ronnie Wood.
  • Contributors:
    Paul Weller, Slash, Mick Hucknall & Glen Matlock
  • Paper:
    Heavyweight 200gsm archival grade matt art paper
  • Binding:
    Quarter leather binding onto purple cloth covers with gold foil blocking and page edging.
  • Box:
    The book is housed in a slipcase featuring artwork extracted from the poster originally included with their second album from 1971, 'A Nod's As Good As A Wink...'.
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For the first time Ronnie Wood, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones tell the band's story in a signed limited edition book illustrated with exclusive photographs, many from the musician's archives, and rare items of memorabilia.

  • Page size: 250mm x 320mm
  • 272 pages
  • 200 images
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