TRANSFORMER showcases several of Lou's album covers, beginning with Transformer - a lucky development that established Mick and Lou's 40-year friendship and became one of the most iconic images of modern music. The book also features unseen outtakes, studio sessions, spontaneous shots and friends including Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop and David Bowie.

Lou Reed: 'They're really beautiful and not just celebrity photos. It's an amazing collection of pictures.'

Lou Reed and Mick Rock share the memories evoked by these photographs in an original and unreserved dialogue that uncovers Lou's captivating career.

Their work is presented within a full leather bound tome, housed in a case that also encloses a 7" vinyl record and a 10" x 12" artist-signed Giclée print. The two authors have signed each of the 350 numbered copies in this Deluxe edition.


Lou Reed | Mick Rock

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