TOTA 75 The Rolling Stones - Anniversary Edition
Ronnie Wood accompanied the The Rolling Stones on tour in 1975, after over a decade of wishing to join the band. He is signing each anniversary copy of TOTA '75.

Ronnie Wood: 'I've always known that I was going to be established, go to America and join the Rolling Stones.'

Christopher Simon Sykes had known Mick Jagger since the early Sixties when he was invited to travel with the Stones to all 40 of their Americas shows. Asked to document the tour in its entirety, he did just that.

Tour manager Peter Rudge was nicknamed 'The Commander'. His regular newsletters to the band and crew run as a fascinating thread throughout the book.


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T.O.T.A. '75  <br/>Ronnie Wood Anniversary

T.O.T.A. '75
Ronnie Wood Anniversary

The Rolling Stones Official Tour Diary

• 400 Anniversary copies
• Leather and metal cover
• Created with Ronnie Wood
• 416 silver-foiled pages
• 27,000 words
• 620 images
• Facsimile memorabilia
• Signed by Ronnie Wood



How Can It Be?

How Can It Be?

The Limited Edition

• Only 1,965 copies
• Signed by Ronnie Wood
• Hand-bound in leather
• Cloth-bound slipcase
• Loose facsimile items
• Exclusive 7" disc