TOTA '75 is created in a limited edition of 2,500 signed copies. Now just 400 of these rare books will be made into special Anniversary copies, with a new binding and additionally signed by Ronnie Wood.

Ronnie Wood: 'That's what we do. We go to Genesis for quality.'

The book's new cover is designed to Ronnie Wood's approval, inspired by his iconic Zemaitis guitar. Its aluminium cover is silkscreened with beautiful engravings from the guitar's metal disc front.

Over 400 silver-edged pages are quarter-bound in leather and housed in a protective solander box. The 'Starship' is silkscreened onto the box, with lenticular images of the Stones appearing in the aircraft's cut away windows.


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T.O.T.A. '75  <br/>Ronnie Wood Anniversary

T.O.T.A. '75
Ronnie Wood Anniversary

The Rolling Stones Official Tour Diary

• 400 Anniversary copies
• Leather and metal cover
• Created with Ronnie Wood
• 416 silver-foiled pages
• 27,000 words
• 620 images
• Facsimile memorabilia
• Signed by Ronnie Wood



How Can It Be?

How Can It Be?

The Limited Edition

• Only 1,965 copies
• Signed by Ronnie Wood
• Hand-bound in leather
• Cloth-bound slipcase
• Loose facsimile items
• Exclusive 7" disc