The Traveling Wilburys
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Numbers 1-350 in the edition are Deluxe copies. As with the Collector edition, every fine-bound book is hand-signed by Jeff Lynne, and comes with a facsimile print of the ‘Handle With Care’ lyric sheet, hand-written by George Harrison.

Deluxe copies are a beautiful example of the bookbinders craft, fully bound at the authors' preference in two faux leathers with an onlay on the front cover, hand-tooling and gilded page edging.

Deluxe copies contain a photographic print, published in an edition of 350 copies. The group portrait, by Alberto Tolot, is hand-numbered, suitable for framing and, as a mark of authenticity and approval, the print is embossed with the signatures of all five Wilburys. 

Deluxe copies are housed in a hand-crafted travel case, bound in brown and yellow tweed and lined with felt. A folding lid encloses and protects your Deluxe set.


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The Traveling Wilburys

The Traveling Wilburys

The Traveling Wilburys

• Signed by Jeff Lynne
• Italian linen binding
• Cloth-covered slipcase
• Limited edition print: 'Handle With Care' facsimile song lyrics
• 3,000 copies worldwide