TOTA 75 - The Rolling Stones

A. Hepworth, Subscriber, Canada: 'If you look at this and previous Genesis publications we are seeing a history of the band, the likes of which is unmatched in terms of quality and endorsement.

'I could bang on about the quality - and will if you wish - suffice to say this is as good, if not better than anything else done so far.'

C.G. Brenninkmeyer, Subscriber, Germany: 'It is absolutely spectacular!! Thank you very, very much for putting this incredible masterpiece together.'

Dunhill, forum: 'I got my "Commander" copy last week .. when I saw it my jaw dropped to the floor. The book is incredible, I could have done without the replica keys and backstage passes, but, boy, the book is simply fantastic. It annihilates both Blinds & Shutters, Exile and Mason Yard and Primrose Hill, that I already have. Awesome.'

Souldoggie, forum: 'I've got all the Genesis Stones books (Contact, Blinds, Exile, Woodie, Wyman etc. etc)..........but I have to say, this thing is outrageous. It is by far my favourite Genesis book. Tons of unbelievable, never seen before, colour photos of that tour.

'Yes, the book is big-time expensive......but you could look at it as a free loaner. You can always sell the book, they hold value, and more often then not, tend to go up in value. This baby, edition #279, will never be for sale.

'I highly recommend this book to any fan of the 1975 tour.'

Tornandfrayed, forum: 'Got mine today and it's really impressive. I've literally spent the last four hours looking through the book. Printing quality is very high, the book is very large and looks fantastic. Sykes' photos, especially the concert shots are breathtaking and certainly among the finest pictures of the band I've ever seen.

'I highly recommend this book if you are (like me) a '75 tour fan. It is expensive but your money will be well spent.'

P. Vogel, Subscriber, UK: 'I just wanted to email to say that the TOTA book arrived today. I'm speechless - what an amazing book. They just get better and better.'


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