Taken by Storm - Storm Thorgerson
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THE DIVISION BELL 'These stone statues were a variant of the metal statues, and were for the same album. Because Pink Floyd liked both metal and stone heads we ended up making both of them and using them on different formats. I consider, unashamedly, this to be one of the best things I've ever done. Not so much for the dialogue with the viewer, and not so much for the implication of a third absent face - a spiritual face (i.e. that of Syd Barrett) formed by the two eyes looking at you rather than at each other - but more because the statues themselves, designed with wild-eyed Keith Breeden, were very imposing in their own right: majestic, elegant and monolithic, standing eerily in the fens of East Anglia.' Storm Thorgerson

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Taken By Storm

Taken By Storm

Storm Thorgerson

Signed by Storm Thorgerson, TAKEN BY STORM is the ultimate retrospective; uniquely designed, packed full of rare and beautiful objects. Created by Storm Thorgerson to celebrate 40 years making the greatest album covers of all time.

Includes 4 artist prints, signed by Storm.

'I consider, unashamedly, this [The Division Bell album artwork] to be one of the best things I've ever done, can I say that?' - Storm Thorgerson