Storm Thorgerson
Storm Thorgerson 1944-2013

Born in Potters Bar in 1944, Storm attended the Cambridge High School for Boys along with Pink Floyd members Roger Waters and Syd Barrett. He started the Hipgnosis design studio in 1968 with Aubrey 'Po' Powell where he produced numerous album covers for rock 'n' roll bands. He is known for creating surrealist live 'events' painstakingly recorded on camera, with little to no digital manipulation or retouching.

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Taken By Storm

Taken By Storm

Storm Thorgerson

Signed by Storm Thorgerson, TAKEN BY STORM is the ultimate retrospective; uniquely designed, packed full of rare and beautiful objects. Created by Storm Thorgerson to celebrate 40 years making the greatest album covers of all time.

Includes 4 artist prints, signed by Storm.

'I consider, unashamedly, this [The Division Bell album artwork] to be one of the best things I've ever done, can I say that?' - Storm Thorgerson