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In 1966, Klaus Voormann created the cover for the Beatles' seminal album, Revolver. Visually representing the band's new direction, the Revolver cover artwork became instantly iconic. In 1967, Voormann went on to win the GRAMMY Award for Best Cover | Graphic Arts.

Our recent sell-out publication, REVOLVER 50: THE GRAMMY ANNIVERSARY EDITION, recounted the making of the cover in a graphic novel-style book. Now, for the first time, Voormann is returning to the collage medium to create a series of unique Revolver-themed artworks. REVOLVER 50: The Collage Series brings alive the creative process that won Voormann a GRAMMY award 50 years ago.

Voormann "I had an idea of doing a collage again so people could get an original in their hands... It's a different version of the cover... right in the middle of creating it."


by Klaus Voormann

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The Collage Series

• Only 250 artworks
• Uniquely collaged
• Hand-painted
• Signed by Klaus Voormann
• Size: 24 3/4" x 24 3/4"
• Includes framing