Inspired by his original artwork and by the tools that he used to make it, Klaus Voormann has created 250 original artworks that are immediately recognisable as the Revolver cover in progress.

Voormann has gone through an extensive creative process to produce each artwork. By drawing, individually painting and then cutting out each of the artists' tools in a variety of materials, selecting photographic elements of The Beatles that echo the original record cover, and placing them thoughtfully on the print, Voormann has taken great care to create 250 one-off pieces to allow each buyer to own an original Revolver artwork.

Voorman "I am a graphic designer and whatever is necessary to get the message across, that's what I am going to use and that's why I picked the collage."

Creating the Collage

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The Collage Series

• Only 250 artworks
• Uniquely collaged
• Hand-painted
• Signed by Klaus Voormann
• Size: 24 3/4" x 24 3/4"
• Includes framing