Lou Reed & Mick Rock - Transformer (Update)

We are sad to learn of the passing of our author, Lou Reed. We extend our deepest sympathies to Lou's family and friends. 

As many Genesis subscribers will know, Lou had recently collaborated with his fellow friend and photographer, Mick Rock. Together, they celebrated the launch of their limited edition book Transformer with two reader events held in London and New York, this September and October. 

At the current time, we are taking a moment to pay our respects and will be continuing with Lou and Mick's limited edition in the days ahead. For the time being, their new book is currently unavailable to order. 

We appreciate that many were only just receiving the prospectus for this new publication by postal mail. If you would like to respond by registering your interest, we will keep you updated with our progress. 

Please complete the form below, and we do thank you for your interest. With good wishes.

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