Now These Days Are Gone
Colin Jones gives us an insight into Michael Peto in his Foreword:

'He would tell me such things as, 'Do not look at photography for inspiration, If you get stuck, cool off in art gallery.' 'Take pictures with your brain, not your eyes.' 'A good photograph is the one you can walk around like a piece of sculpture.' I now realise, many years later, that he was using photography as art. Michael was never interested in the competitive side of photography, winning awards or joining prestigious agencies: he absolutely hated all that.

'The Beatles photographs were never used. Michael had obviously spent quite a bit of time with the band, but as subject matter it certainly wasn't his forte. He got great portraits though because he was always very polite, very gentle and he would flatter people. He also knew when to leave, which is a skill many photographers don't have. I know that he would be surprised to see this book of his Beatles photographs. Let's hope that one day the world will see some of his greatest photographs that meant so much to him.'


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