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Beatles Festival In Hamburg

10 Apr 2006

Beatles Festival In Hamburg

From 3 - 5 June, the Hamburg Museum is presenting a special exhibition of 'The Hamburg Sound - Beatles, Beat & Grosse Freiheit'.

The event shows the genesis of Beat music in Hamburg as well as Sixties youth culture - featuring original artifacts, stagings, photos, films and, naturally, the sound of that era. The Beatles and their exceptional career is the central theme but, at the same time, the contemporary background from fashion to consumer behaviour, from lifestyle to the student protests is explored.

A three-day Beat festival from 3 - 5 June kicks off the exhibition featuring, among others, Cynthia Lennon, Klaus Voormann, Astrid Kirchherr and Achim Reichel.

Besides an international vendors' market of memorabilia, rarities, records and books concerning Beat and the Beatles talk shows, autograph sessions and concerts are scheduled to bring back those legendary times in Hamburg.

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Hamburg Days Photos by Astrid Kirchherr & Artwork by Klaus Voormann

Hamburg Days

Astrid Kirchherr, Klaus Voormann


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