Mr Fantasy - Jim Capaldi
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Robert Plant writes the Foreword to MR FANTASY and has signed each copy, along with Steve Winwood and Aninha Capaldi.

'Maybe it was the place - it was definitely the time. The arrival of Traffic's songs and the imagery of Jim Capaldi's lyrics drove forward and then ahead on a vast surge of beautiful hope and otherworldliness.' ROBERT PLANT


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Mr Fantasy

Mr Fantasy

Jim Capaldi

Signed by Steve Winwood, Robert Plant & Aninha Capaldi. Jim's handwritten lyrics and memories, with new interviews from Steve Winwood and stories from 40 legendary peers. A leather bound edition of 900 copies.

Includes a special 7" vinyl pressing of '40,000 Headmen' and a David Oxtoby art print.

'Had Jim been just a lyricist I don't think 'Dear Mr Fantasy' would have been born as it is. Jim would jot verses and lines and if I could sing something I would. That's how we created our songs... out of jams.' Steve Winwood