Mr Fantasy: The Lyrics of Mr Fantasy
'The Sixties to me were the most important years in humankind! Traffic became a reality in 1966. I'd already started writing songs in the previous bands so I naturally took the role of lyricist.' JIM CAPALDI

MR FANTASY is a celebration of the life and lyrics of Traffic's drummer, poet and founder, the late Jim Capaldi. Over 70 handwritten lyrics are accompanied with images of Traffic and the recollections of 40 legendary contributors.

'Traffic's songs and Jim Capaldi's lyrics brought us adventures and characters that vibrated through the psychedelic underground.' ROBERT PLANT

MR FANTASY is a limited edition of only 900 copies. Each book is hand-signed by Steve Winwood, Aninha Capaldi & Robert Plant.


The Lyrics of Jim Capaldi

Signed by
Steve Winwood
Robert Plant &
Aninha Capaldi


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Mr Fantasy

Mr Fantasy

Jim Capaldi

Signed by Steve Winwood, Robert Plant & Aninha Capaldi. Jim's handwritten lyrics and memories, with new interviews from Steve Winwood and stories from 40 legendary peers. A leather bound edition of 900 copies.

Includes a special 7" vinyl pressing of '40,000 Headmen' and a David Oxtoby art print.

'Had Jim been just a lyricist I don't think 'Dear Mr Fantasy' would have been born as it is. Jim would jot verses and lines and if I could sing something I would. That's how we created our songs... out of jams.' Steve Winwood