Maximum Who - The Who in the Sixties
Ross Halfin has been photographing bands since the Seventies. In that time he has shot all of the top bands and worked for some of the major music publications. He started as a freelance photographer for Sounds in the Seventies and is still working consistently today. He has produced several photography books, notably THE WHO LIVE, and as consultant editor on JIMMY PAGE.

'I initially planned to keep the photos in this book in monochrome, as they remind me so much of that period. Depressing and forgettable. In fact, the first draft layouts I sent to Pete Townshend contained only black and white shots. The irony of this of course is that the Sixties were not bleak at all. There was a new prosperity for the youth to enjoy and Britain was finally coming out of post war austerity. The Who and others were part of that social change.

'It would have been churlish of me to follow my original path and to ignore some of the striking colour work that was taken over thirty years ago. I've tried to keep the book in line with the look of the Sixties - in the style of the magazines such as Nova and Vogue - neat, clean and precise. The sort of ethos the Mod Who audience would have loved.' Ross Halfin from his Introduction


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