Mania Days, The Beatles 1964 US Tour - The Signed Limited Edition
The late Curt Gunther arrived in New York City from Berlin in 1941 to pursue a career in photography. By 1955 he was chief photographer for Keystone Pictures, and later set up his own photographic enterprise. In 1963, he photographed The Beatles in London, followed by a shoot in Central Park on their first US visit. Gunther was one of the select few allowed to accompany The Beatles during their 1964 tour, resulting in MANIA DAYS: a lasting tribute to his talent.

'Brian's decree that no press were to accompany us on the chartered Lockheed Electra was already being challenged by a number of very persistent journalists, including the star of the press gang, Los Angeles freelance Curt Gunther, who was to become my closest friend in America.' - Derek Taylor


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Mania Days: The Beatles' 1964 US Tour

Mania Days: The Beatles' 1964 US Tour

The Photographs of Curt Gunther

» Signed by Steven Gunther
» Quarter-bound in leather with an inlaid photo strip
» 50th Anniversary solander box