YOKO ONO INFINITE UNIVERSE AT DAWN is quarter-bound in soft-grain leather, with a die-cut 'Hole To See The Sky'. The book's 340 pages are edged in silver foil and housed in an embossed slipcase.

Postcards, trace pages and other surprises are tipped-in throughout the book. Each of the 1,500 books in the limited edition comes with a removable jigsaw piece. If all the people who bought a book put their pieces together, it would form a complete picture of the sky. In this way, each reader can take home 'A Piece of Sky' and become a part of Yoko Ono's global participatory project.

'This then, will be your first voyage made intentionally to create your own conceptual world. Have fun.' - Yoko Ono

YOKO ONO INFINITE UNIVERSE AT DAWN is limited to only 1,500 copies worldwide. Each numbered book is signed by Yoko Ono.

The Collector Edition

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Infinite Universe At Dawn

Infinite Universe At Dawn

Yoko Ono

• Only 1,500 copies
• Postcards, trace pages & other surprises
• Hand-bound in leather
• 340 silver-edged pages
• Leather & buckram slipcase
• 'Piece of Sky' puzzle piece
• Signed by Yoko Ono