Part 2 of I ME MINE is a treasury of Harrison's song writing. 141 of the musician's songs are charted in chronological order, explored in handwritten lyrics reproduced in facsimile, typeset lyrics and a commentary narrated by Harrison himself.

The resulting collection provides an unparalleled insight into Harrison's writing process, and the creation of the songs that so many have come to know and love. For the first time, I ME MINE covers the full span of Harrison's life, from his earliest songs to his last compositions in 2001. The wit and insight of Harrison's commentaries, and the beauty of his lyrics, make this an essential for any lover of his work.

'Writing a song is like going to confession... writing songs to try and find out, to see who you are.' - George Harrison

Part 3

The Lyrics

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I Me Mine <br/><small>The Extended Edition</small>

I Me Mine
The Extended Edition

by George Harrison

• 1,000 boxed sets
• Numbered & stamped
• 53 archival photos
• Handwritten lyrics
• 59 more songs added
• 141 songs total
• Extended to 632 pages
• Craft printed & bound
• Cover by Shepard Fairey
• Limited edition vinyl