Part 1 of I ME MINE offers readers the story of George Harrison's life and music in his own words, and those of his friend and collaborator, Derek Taylor. Taylor and Harrison's partnership began with a column for The Daily Express and continued for many years; here they write candidly about The Beatles' rise to fame, Harrison's solo career, and his philosophy and spirituality. This is a fascinating insight into Harrison's childhood, and his inspirations and projects - from making albums to planting new gardens, and organising the world's first ever relief concert in aid of Bangla Desh.

'A book which tells the story of growing up, not necessarily the hard way but certainly not the easy way, for no matter how greatly privilege and wealth may have seemed to grace the Beatles' evolution, "easy" is not the word for what happened to them on their way to what has come to be known as The Top.' - Derek Taylor

Part 1

The Words

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I Me Mine <br/><small>The Extended Edition</small>

I Me Mine
The Extended Edition

by George Harrison

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