In this limited edition of only 1,965 copies, each book is signed by Ronnie Wood. The Collector Copies are numbered 351-1,965. Hand-bound in antiqued leather, with gold blocking and page edging, the binding replicates Wood's original diary down to its scuffs and scratches. Loose-leaf facsimile items include posters, nightclub tickets and rare photographs.

Within the book's slipcase a pull-out tray holds a 45rpm record featuring 'How Can It Be?'. The song was one of Ronnie Wood's first compositions, written for the Birds and recorded in 1965. The B-side unveils a new specially made recording of the same song. Wood has created the artwork for the 7in picture disc - a cubist-style self-portrait, complete with guitar and 1965 diary.

Ronnie Wood: 'We go to Genesis for quality.'

How Can It Be?

A Rock & Roll Diary

Ronnie Wood

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<br/>How Can It Be?

How Can It Be?

The Limited Edition

• Only 1,965 copies
• Signed by Ronnie Wood
• Hand-bound in leather
• Cloth-bound slipcase
• Loose facsimile items
• Exclusive 7" disc