Classic Hendrix
34 of the most celebrated names in rock photography have supplied over 250 photos for the book. These include Elliott Landy, Jean-Pierre Leloir, Gered Mankowitz, Jim Marshall and Baron Wolman.

Chris Morphet: 'It's now around 35 years since Jimi died but I can't think of any single pop musician today meriting the deserved intense photographic coverage that he provoked and which is reflected in these photos.'

Ross Halfin, who was responsible for the book's photo selection, travelled to Japan, the USA and Europe to unearth an extraordinarily diverse and fascinating array of photographs, ranging from the iconic to the never-before-seen.

Left: Monterey Pop Festival, 18th June 1967 (© Bruce Fleming).
Right: Isle of Wight Festival, 30th August 1970 (© Laurens van Houten).


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