Classic Hendrix
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Written by Guitar World magazine editor and life-long Hendrix devotee, Brad Tolinski provides a well-researched, captivating and often humorous account of the incidents surrounding the photos and places them within Jimi Hendrix's life and history.

The book follows a strictly chronological order, each entry dated clearly, with every photo prompting fascinating anecdotes that place them within the time frame of Hendrix's remarkable story. The interplay between the main text and images is supplemented with quotes from Jimi himself and his fellow musicians and friends. Reminiscences from many of the contributing photographers supplement an illuminating blend of words and imagery.


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Classic Hendrix

Classic Hendrix

The Ultimate Hendrix Experience

Only 450 copies
Introduced by Noel Redding
With Chas Chandler,
Mitch Mitchell, Eric Clapton
New text by Eddie Kramer
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