Classic Hendrix
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As a forerunner of change in several creative arenas - musical direction, artistic expression and fashion - Jimi was a key pace-maker for the era's creative output. Accordingly his innovative style has been reflected in the book's striking design. Inspired by Sixties and Seventies psychedelia and Jimi's love of visuals and colour, fluorescent inks have been selected to run throughout the book.

The six fluorescent inks yellow, orange, green, red, pink and purple - each represent one of six guitar strings, a leitmotif that can be seen on the box, signature page and title pages. In addition to the fluorescence, silver printing is used throughout to complement the extensive use of 4-colour printing and image varnishing.

In an effort to emphasise the vitality of the images, each has been reproduced clean on the page, un-cropped and full frame as originally composed through the photographer's lens. Colours have been run over some photographs by double printing fluorescent inks.


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Classic Hendrix

Classic Hendrix

The Ultimate Hendrix Experience

Only 450 copies
Introduced by Noel Redding
With Chas Chandler,
Mitch Mitchell, Eric Clapton
New text by Eddie Kramer
Eddie Kramer cover portrait
Bound in leather & perspex
Signed by Eddie Kramer