Over five decades Eddie Kramer has worked with Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Eric Clapton and David Bowie but is perhaps best known for his collaboration with Jimi Hendrix. Kramer became a permanent part of Hendrix's creative process, working with him on the four albums which Hendrix released before his death in 1970. Two of those four albums were produced in London’s Olympic Studios in 1967, also 50 years ago this year, Are You Experienced? and Axis: Bold As Love. Kramer was on hand to capture the spontaneous jams that produced hits such as 'Voodoo Chile', and with Hendrix pioneered the use of reverbs, phasing and backwards echo effects that became the hallmarks of a Hendrix recording.

Fortuitously, Eddie Kramer also discovered a love and talent for photography while working at Olympic Studios and documented some significant moments in the studio with Hendrix.
Eddie Kramer: ‘I was fascinated by photography. I was in the middle of engineering but I kept my camera next to me on the console, ready to shoot.’


Signed by Eddie Kramer

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Classic Hendrix

Classic Hendrix

The Ultimate Hendrix Experience

• Only 450 copies
• Introduced by Noel Redding
• With Chas Chandler,
  Mitch Mitchell, Eric Clapton
• New text by Eddie Kramer
• Eddie Kramer cover portrait
• Bound in leather & perspex
• Signed by Eddie Kramer