Hall of Fame

Genesis limited edition books are individually signed by the artists to signify their approval of each edition. These are real signatures, not printed reproductions.

Here in the Hall of Fame you'll find previous craftsman made volumes, which have become out-of-print – or 'fully subscribed'. Make a note of anything you've missed and try to find it on the second-hand market. 

If you do find a Hall of Fame title on the second-hand market, the chances are it is being offered at a price considerably higher than its original pre-publication offering. Several Genesis editions change hands at many times their original prices. We wish you luck and hope you find a bargain.

Most of these titles have become very well-known, some have achieved near legendary status, but several have still not been seen by many people. Therefore, we hope you find the Hall both interesting and informative. 

And if you are interested in trying to obtain an out-of-print volume, sign up for our eNewsletter. Occasionally the odd copy finds its way back to us from a distributor or some such source. 

Pleasant browsing.