Speed of Life is the creation of musician, producer and actor David Bowie, and photographer and designer Masayoshi Sukita. Narrated in their own words, their extended photo essay follows the development of Bowie's career across four decades, from 1972 onwards.

Bowie met Sukita for the first time in 1972, and the pair began working together almost immediately. Sukita told Genesis: 'There was very little information about David Bowie in Japan and when I arrived in London I was immediately interested and intrigued.' The photographer had worked with Marc Bolan of T-Rex, and so was able to present his portfolio to Bowie's manager. A portrait session was organised, and so their collaboration began.

Speed of Life combines styled studio shoots with electrifying on-stage photography. But the book also includes timeless moments such as Bowie running down a street, laughing with friends, riding the Kyoto subway, and sitting backstage with Lou Reed. These pictures narrated with both authors' words make Speed of Life an intimate, memorable portrait of Bowie as a musician and artist.

Bowie said, 'This book represents a wonderful volume of memories.' Originally printed in 2012, a condensed 160-page pocket edition of Bowie and Sukita's joint work is now published as the last of four volumes available only within GENESIS 100. A valuable opportunity to acquire a much-loved and utterly unique insight into Bowie's life and work.


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