Michael Putland has been described as 'the photographer who manages to be everywhere at the same time, capturing it all, the seen and the unseen; sound and vision'. Just prior to the Rolling Stones' 1972 world tour, Putland was asked by the Stones to be their official tour photographer. He happily accepted, and set about creating the classic images in this volume, capturing the very essence of the excitement and fascination generated by the band.

Putland's physical closeness to the Stones - he was often only feet away from them on stage - has resulted in a wealth of memorable images, from stunning live shots to intimate moments backstage. Mick Taylor, who introduces the book, describes the selection as: 'Personal, intimate, revealing... a wonderful collection of the Stones on tour captured off-guard, relaxed, intense, casual, always elegant.'

In breathtaking detail, Pleased to Meet You documents the Stones in the Seventies, which many consider to be the most interesting decade in the band's history, and beyond. Originally published in 1999 and quickly snapped up by fans and collectors, Pleased to Meet You was limited to 1,750 copies. Now published as a GENESIS 100 pocket edition, readers have a second chance to enjoy these peerless Stones photographs accompanied by a lively and insightful text from Putland. 


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