Dylan In Woodstock
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Bob Dylan was among the first musicians to discover the sleep Catskills town of Woodstock, a name later synonymous with the most famous rock festival ever. Dylan first visited as early as 1963, but it was after his 1966 motorcycle crash that he retreated to this upstate New York hideaway.

Here, newly married and freed from the demands of touring which had so nearly killed him, he settled into a more relaxed pace, enjoying family life. So began a period of astonishing creativity, which spawned the legendary Basement Tapes, Harding and Nashville Skyline albums, a time when Bob withdrew from the public eye. Elliott Landy's photographs provide the unseen visual record of the missing years.


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Red leather edition with silver page edging, cloth-covered slipcase and 10" x 8" contact sheet print of Dylan photographed in Liverpool, England, in 1966.