Dylan In Woodstock
PAGE 1234
Elliott provides an insightful commentary to the photographs throughout his book.

Elliott Landy:
'The first time I met Sara Dylan was on Easter Sunday, 1968, when I was at Big Pink to photograph The Band. I took some pictures on Saturday, and stayed overnight - crashing on the living room couch. The next day, Easter Sunday, they were invited to Bob's house but couldn't bring me. I was left at Big Pink with Levon's (Helm) girlfriend who wasn't in the mood to go. So we stayed at home, hung out and got stoned. I took some pictures of her and she of me. After a while, she wanted to find Levon, so we took my car and I drove along the Woodstock roads which were all new to me.'


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Red leather edition with silver page edging, cloth-covered slipcase and 10" x 8" contact sheet print of Dylan photographed in Liverpool, England, in 1966.