Celebrating the life    
of George Harrison   
Born February 25th, 194ૐ   

This remarkable book tells the story from the rehearsals and soundchecks, to the stage and beyond.

ERIC CLAPTON: 'When we were rehearsing I thought that if George were here he'd probably say, 'Thanks very much Eric but I don't really want this'.'

GEORGE HARRISON: 'That was the perfect idea. You have all your best pals on there being groovy and making it interesting. I mean if I had a 'special', I'd like to, you know, have a few people who mean something to me.'

is more than the story of one concert; it gives unprecedented insight into one of the twentieth century's best-loved songwriters.

'One side of George was an amazingly soulful, peaceful man seeking karma and all that; the next minute he'd want to get behind the wheel of the most powerful vehicle in the country, driving at 193 miles-an-hour.'

'There was a lot of laughing in the band and George was the ringleader of the whole thing. We called him the "idea man". I miss him you know, I miss him in the night a lot.'


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