Celebrating the life    
of George Harrison   
Born February 25th, 194ૐ   

CONCERT FOR GEORGE is the story of George Harrison, from his early days to the tribute concert that celebrated his life, told by the people that love him.

'We celebrated the life and music of the beautiful 'quiet' one from Liverpool who became a man of many words as well as worlds, a wise, coveted friend, father and true seeker... He did all this, and much more, and still managed to have more fun that the rest of us.'

The limited edition book takes you backstage at one of the most legendary concerts in music history, with a VIP pass, unseen photographs and text from those who attended. George's friends and family share their personal memories, with archival photographs from over five decades illustrating their words.

CONCERT FOR GEORGE is edited and signed by Olivia Harrison. It features an introduction by Paul Theroux and original text from nearly 40 contributors.


Official Limited Edition Book


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