T.O.T.A. '75 - Tour of the Americas 1975

The Rolling Stones Official Tour Diary

The Rolling Stones & Christopher Simon Sykes

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  • ISBN: 0904351955
  • Collector edition: 2150 copies
Collector, Deluxe, Anniversary
T.O.T.A. '75 - Tour of the Americas 1975

Signed by: Christopher Simon Sykes, Peter Rudge

Contributors: Peter Rudge

Binding: Quarter bound in black leather and blue cloth, with silver page edging. Spine blocked in siver foil, covers in red and blue

Box: Handmade from strong millboard covered in buckram, the solander box features a silkscreen image of the 'Starship' and silver foil blocking. Lenticular images of the Stones appear in the aircraft's cut away windows

Extras: Recessed areas under the book contain room keys in a drawstring bag and the backstage passes. The tour 'Access Backstage' silk armband serves as a pull ribbon for the large format book

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'Incredible' Ronnie Wood

In 1975 The Rolling Stones documented their mammoth 40-show Tour Of The Americas - T.O.T.A 75 - in its entirety. A trusted friend and confidante, Christopher Sykes, was brought in to create a visual and written record of their journey.

Now the group's fascinating work is available as a magnificent handmade book and boxed set, in an official limited edition published with The Rolling Stones.

The result is an enormous archive of largely unseen photographs, a wonderfully descriptive diary and a collection of every piece of tour memorabilia imaginable including backstage passes, tour manager's newsletters and even hotel room keys.

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Mick Jagger on stage, Rolling Stones 1975 Tour

'Just awesome, it will look nice next to it's older brother EXILE, another great book.'
B. Zimmer, Subscriber, USA


  • Page size: 360mm x 280mm
  • 416 pages
  • 27000 words
  • 620 images


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