This is Anfield

The Ultimate History of Liverpool FC as told by players, past and present

Steve Hale, Andrew Thompson

No longer available

  • ISBN: 0904351793
  • Deluxe edition: 250 copies
Collector, Deluxe
This is Anfield

Signed by: Gérard Houllier with Ronnie Moran and at least 4 more Liverpool legends.

Contributors: Kevin Keegan and over 50 players

Paper: 200gsm matt art paper

Binding: Full Red Leather.

Box: Clothbound Slipcase.

Extras: Numbered photographic print, signed by Steve Hale.

Web Links:
Observer Review: This Is Anfield!
Times Online: Anfield's book of worship

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Tracing the history of Britain's most successful football team from the Shankley era to the present day, THIS IS ANFIELD is the definitive record of an ongoing sporting phenomenon. Told by those who have been there, every step of the way, the launch of THIS IS ANFIELD coincides with the fortieth anniversary of Liverpool's promotion to the first division in 1962.

"THIS IS ANFIELD is enormous... effectively Liverpool's New Testament." The Times

Featuring the stunning imagery of award-winning photographer Steve Hale and the razor-sharp narrative of sports writer and lifelong supporter Andrew Thompson, THIS IS ANFIELD has been endorsed by the Liverpool FC Former Players Association. With their consultation, Genesis has collated the personal and revealing recollections of over fifty players, past and present, from Albert Stubbins through Roger Hunt to Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard, to bring you a detailed and intimate account of the club's development that, as Steve Hale comments, 'takes you as close to the soul of Liverpool Football Club as you can come'.

"A magnificent book and one which I am sure will be treasured by many Liverpool fans." Gérard Houllier

"If you only have one Liverpool FC book on your bookshelf, it has to be This Is Anfield." LFC Online

"This Is Anfield is unique, something that hasn't been done before. It will be something to keep and to pass on to the grandchildren." Ian Callaghan

  • Page size: 240mm x 340mm
  • 400 pages
  • 200000 words

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