The Transformer Series

Lou Reed, Mick Rock

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  • ISBN: ReedRockPrints
  • Unframed Print edition: 20 copies
Framed Print, Unframed Print
The Transformer Series

Unframed Print

Signed by: Lou Reed and Mick Rock

Paper: 100% Cotton Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Pearl 320gsm

Extras: Each print is accompanied by a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity

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Introducing the Transformer series - six archival grade artist prints signed by Lou Reed and Mick Rock.

LOU REED: 'All these moments would be gone forever if it wasn't for Mick.'

Limited to 20 copies worldwide, each artwork is signed by Lou Reed and Mick Rock as a mark of authenticity.

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Shown above: Example from the Transformer series.
All six artworks are available framed or unframed. Read on to choose yours.

  • Page size: 20in x 30in

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