Summer of Love

The Making of Sgt Pepper by George Martin

George Martin

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  • ISBN: 0904351971
  • Collector edition: 1650 copies
Collector, Deluxe
Summer of Love

Signed by: George Martin

Contributors: William Pearson

Paper: 200gsm matt art paper

Binding: 1/4 Leather, Printed Imitlin, Gold tooling, Gold Page Edging.

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The summer of 1967 was the SUMMER OF LOVE and psychedelia; its soundtrack was The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, still regarded by many as the greatest album in modern music.

SUMMER OF LOVE is George Martin's detailed account of the writing and recording of each song on the Sgt. Pepper album as well as 'Strawberry Fields', 'Penny Lane' and 'All You Need Is Love'.

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John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo, Abbey Road Studio 2

With an updated text, exquisite new artwork and photography throughout. SUMMER OF LOVE boasts a lavish leather binding and an original Introduction by Sir George, who is hand-signing every book.

"I own about a dozen of the marvelous books that you have published. I treasure each of them. You are the archivists of the history of modern music. I can't thank you enough for the service that you provide, and the beauty and enjoyment that you impart." - C. Johnson, Subscriber, USA

"Martin gives a unique insight into the way he and the band worked. The book is lavishly produced. - Financial Times

  • Page size: 250mm x 320mm
  • 176 pages
  • 130 images


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